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Shijiazhuang Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional Hebron production of slurry pumps, sewage pumps, oil and chemical pumps, submersible pumps, environmental protection equipment and general contracting of
large-scale environmental projects ......
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Diving slurry
Diving slurry
Model:Diving slurry
ISGB series will be split centrifugal pumps
ISGB series will…
Model:ISGB series will be split centrifugal pumps
ISW for sleeping in centrifugal pump
ISW for sleeping…
Model:ISW for sleeping in centrifugal pump
ZGB dregs thick liquid pump
ZGB dregs thick …
Model:ZGB dregs thick liquid pump
M.AH.HH dregs thick liquid pump
M.AH.HH dregs th…
Model:M.AH.HH dregs thick liquid pump
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